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I am currently on Sabbatical and NOT SEEING CLIENTS at this time.  Please see the LINKS page for alternative providers.

Jody Wilkinson, Reiki Practitioner


1 hour Reiki Treatment     $75.00 

In the office at MANA you will experience Reiki in a relaxing environment, lying on a massage table fully clothed.  The practitioner will lay her hands on you or hover over the body.

1/2 hour Keiki Reiki             $40.00

For children 12 years old or under.  Children absorb Reiki energy much faster than adults and will get the full benefit of  Reiki in this shorter session.  Parent or guardian remains in the room.

Distance Reiki Treatment (by Phone) available upon request       $60.00

contact me directly for distance sessions at 408-930-8769  or by email at jodyreiki@gmail.com

Senior Citizen discount available 10% off

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